Plantscape Designs Inc Has created a much needed interior office plant care book entitled ,

“101 Plantcare Tips for Your Interior Plantscape”. Now, new with colored photos and even more interesting articles concerning the caring of your inetrior office plants.
Table of Contents
Interior Office Plant Care
1. Watering
2. Cleaning
3. Pruning
4. Fertilizing
Insect Pests on Your Office Plants
1. Scale
2. Spider Mites
3. Thrips
4. Fungus Gnats
5. Mealy Bugs
6. Nocturnal Weevils
Interior Office Plant Suggestions
Exterior Corporate Containers
Interior Office Flower Programs
1. Potted Flowers
Live Corporate Arrangements
1. Potted Orchids
2. Potted Bromeliads
Design Ideas for Your Interiorscapes
1. Surface Pot Dressing
2. Office Plant Grouping
Office Plant Morophology anf Physiology
Health Effects of Green Plants in Your Office Environment
Financial Benefits of Indoor Office Plants in Your Work Place
Recycling Issues Within Your Office Interiorscapes
Seasonal Creative Ideas for Your Officescapes
The Value & Worth of Interior Landscaping Within Your Office Work Place
We, at Plantscape Designs Inc, hope this little guide book wll be helpful to you and your staff.