Moss As an Interior Office Plant Choice Cleans and Adds Moisture in Your Interior Air Billerica, MA
Plantscape Designs Inc applies live green safe moss on all of our tropical plant interfaces of pot and plant.
Magic is in the air and due to their lack of lengthy root structures mosses have no choice but to absorb it. In order to get the moisture and nutrition they need for survival, mosses must take it from the air around them. In doing so, mosses also unwittingly collect hoards of other unwanted air particles such as smoke or bacteria that they then dutifully store inside themselves forever (at least that’s what my research led me to believe). This propensity towards taking in air and essentially cleaning it, makes them wonderful air purifiers. An indoor moss garden is thus an exceptional way to keep breathing air squeaky clean and free of toxins.
Grow Moss Indoors to Improve Health and Maintain Optimal Humidity
Another pretty incredible feature of growing moss indoors, is that it can help stabilize room moisture levels to maintain a relative humidity of between 40 and 60 percent. When humidity rises above 17 grams/cu. meter, moss will absorb moisture from the air. When humidity drops below 12 grams/cu. meter mosses humidify the air by releasing moisture back into the environment. This moss humidification method is especially useful when humidity drops during flu season. Research shows that influenza is most likely to spread at humidity levels below 10 grams/cu. meter, so growing moss indoors will not only help to maintain humidity levels that don’t promote the spread of diseases, but will also serve to clean those disease particles from the air.
Lastly, mosses have no known pests or disease, are extremely forgiving and require little to no maintenance, making them my plant of choice for both indoor and outdoor gardening.
Plantscape Designs does not use harmful insecticidal sprays on your indoor green plants.

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