ULVAC is an international corporation that designs, manufacturers and markets equipment and materials for industrial applications of vacuum technology.

Plantscape Designs, Inc., has outfitted each of the two levels of Ulvac’s office space with an assortment of both high- and low-light tropical green plants. Dotting the office cubicle areas are sun-loving Lemon Lime Warneckii, tall standard Arboracolas, Column Cactus, and Pony Tail Palms; lower-light species include darker-leafed Dracaena Massangeana, Janet Craigs and Chinese Evergreen Aglaonema.

Our main building lobby has low-light interior green plants consisting of three Janet Craigs on the left stairwell, Aglaonema Chinese Evergreens in the foreground, and a taller Sansevieria plant in the background. These office plants enhance our marble floors and glass stairwells nicely. They also help fill this huge space.
— Wendy Carreau, ULVAC Technologies, Methuen, MA