New Easy to install non invasive live green interior office plant planters for corporate offices.

Plantscape Designs Inc designs, installs and maintains these new design office plant planters on a weekly schedule.

Live green plants add to your corporate Biophilic positive productive work environment.

Clean air is another productive bonus for having live green office plants installed at your corporate office headquarters .

Having your employees  wanting to come back to a more pleasant healthy safe work place is what we are all looking for as Americans working in large office building today.


Living Wall Bedford MA
Living Wall Bedford MA
living Walls Bedford MA

Free onsite Proposals

Free onsite estimates/proposals for your interior landscaping needs by Plantscape Designns Inc of Massachusetts 

“Wow what a difference in our office with live green office plants and monthly flower rotations by Plantscape Designs Inc.

It is much more pleasant to work here now. The office internal air quality has gone up as well because of these dozens of green plants filtering out carcinogenic airborne chemical emitted from photocopiers, carpet adhesives and chemicals released from wall and ceiling paints.”

Francis Redmond

facilities manager

Fujii Film

Bedford, MA

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