Living Wall Benefits Cambridge, MA

Green Benefits Cambridge, MA

Living walls are self sufficient vertical gardens that are attached to the exterior and / or the interior of a building. The plants receive water and nutrients from within their vertical support and no electricity is required!

Our Living Walls closely mimic nature and allow plants to grow to their full potential, without limitations. 

Check out a few of the benefits with incorporating living walls into your environment Cambridge, MA

The leaves of plants attenuate sound by absorbing acoustic energy in small amounts Cambridge, MA

Property Value
Studies have shown having greenery in your business increases the numbers of patrons.

Simply having a view of plants in a working environment gives a positive physiological responses. 

Save Energy
Through the process know as transpiration, which naturally cools your office work place Cambridge, MA

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Benefits of Office 


1. Plants reduce carbon dioxide levels
2. Plants reduce volatile organic compounds (VOC’s) in the air
3. Plants reduce stress
4. Plants reduce the symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome
5.Plants can increase productivity by 14%
6. Plants can increase creativity by 15%

7. Plants can decrease absenteeism by 12%

8. Plants will improve humidity levels in your environment

9. Plants reduce ambient noise

10. Plants can lower shading coefficients in your office work place