Living Green Walls New On Sale Now! Easy Install Low Maintenance Massachusetts

Living wall for Corporate Lobbies

Preserved Moss / Lichen Wall Art : No Maintenance!

Living Wall’s will bring your office environment healthy plants that grow on the interior walls in  your office, visitor center or lobbies. Living Walls needs no irrigation, no electrical or plumbing or carpentry required.  It provides drip-free watering and drainage.

Our living wall is lightweight and fits anywhere and our staff will maintain it to provide your office with a healthy environment.  

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The Staff at Plantscape Designs Inc

Living Walls By Plantscape Designs Inc

Living walls with green plants and colorful Neoregelia Bromeliads

Long Lasting colorful Living Walls

The Interior Landscaping Design Process

Our first step of our interior landscape design process involves a visit to your place of business. We evaluate the office space, determining the amount of available natural and artificial light in order to select the best plants suited to your office environment. After discussing style and décor, we define suitable focal points around your office (such as near company signs or in seating areas) where green or flowering plants can provide an attractive backdrop as well as create a soft, inviting ambience. Once we have all of this information, we will recommend plants and containers that are best suited to reflect the style of your office space.

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