Lexington, MA Office Plant Design Service & Maintenance

Seimans Capital Lexington, MA Testimonial

“Our Greenery within our offices is a friendly pleasant experience each day we all come to work. Colorful Orchid arrangements and deep green foliage plants of every variety populate our cubicles”. Our air feels cleaner and healthier.”

Edmund / facilities operations Seimans is Capital

Concert Pharmaceuticals, Hayden Ave, Lexington MA

Concert Pharmaceuticals, located in Lexington, MA, develops innovative drug products that have impacts for patients by addressing medically important needs. Because of the company’s use of various chemicals in their lab, they’ve recognized the importance of having green plants, as they help clean the air of these materials, keeping the environment a healthier place to work. Plantscape Designs, Inc., has outfitted them with a number of these plants, and provides weekly service and maintenance.

These live green plants that Plantscape Designs, Inc. has installed help clean our front office air from any styrene, ammonia, formaldehyde and benzene airborne chemicals floating in the air from our labs located in the rear of our building complex.
— Joe Harrington, Facilities Manager, Concert Pharmaceuticals – Lexington, MA

130 Hartwell Ave Office Building, Lexington MA

The office building at 130 Hartwell Ave in Lexington, managed by Transwestern Commercial Real Estate in Boston, MA, has unique stairwells with built-in planters.Plant selection and design was implemented by Plantscape Designs, Inc., who also continues to provide weekly plant maintenance services.

The combination of aloe, red stromanthe and cycads topped off with dried polished black river rock makes for a unique interior plant design within our buildings. hall ways.
— Angela Iannuuzzi, Transwestern Property Manager for 130 Hartwell Ave – Lexington, MA