Plantscape Designs Inc. services stretch across multiple vertical businesses.  From banks to auto dealers, from corporate lobby’s to Dr offices, we have been making the work and reception areas greener in Massachusetts for over 30 years.  That is why we are the #1 choice for our customers environments.  Please see below how we worked with Boston Banks to help design their environments.
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Indoor Office Plants Boston, MA Corporate Banks  Design With Plantscape Designs Inc. 
Corporate Banks design with PDI
Boston Banks design with Plantscape Designs 
 “Mullen is a high tech interior design office workplace. Metal stairways and conference rooms abound. Hard tile surfaces. Black marble counters in each meeting room and drawing design centers. We needed some softness here and there throughout. Joe Gallo’s interior plants did it for us.” 
— Christine Macchi, Office/Benefits Supervisor, Mullen Lowe – Boston, MA

At Plantscape Designs Inc., we are your interior landscaper for all your indoor office plant care, maintenance and design needs.

Just some of the services Plantscape Designs Inc Provides:

 1. Free Consultations for indoor office plants Boston, MA

 2. Flowering Plant Rotations for your Office Reception Desks Boston, MA

 3. Weekly office plant maintenance Boston, MA

 4. Green Plant Company servicing locally Boston, MA

 5. Indoor Planter Design and Renovation for indoor offices Boston, MA

 6.  Living Tropical Plant Installation and Care for inside offices Boston, MA

 7.  Living Plant wall design and Installation for inside offices Boston, MA

 8. Lifelike Silk Plant Design and Installation for interior offices Boston, MA area

 9. Sale and Maintenance of tropical plant and flowers for your offices Boston, MA area

 10 Care and design of your interior office greenery Boston, MA area

 11. Office Greenery Boston, MA area

 12. Living Plant Rentals Boston, MA area

 13. Office Plant Care Boston, MA area

 14. Office Plant Service Boston, MA area

 15. Indoor Plant Design and Maintenance Boston, MA area

 16. Indoor Plant Pricing and Design Boston, MA area

 17. Living Wall Installation Care Design Boston, MA area

Plantscape Designs Inc. of Stoneham, MA services the following area cities and towns in Massachusetts:

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 — Joseph R. Gallo JR