Indoor Flowering Programs Fresh From South Florida Long Lasting Dendrobium Orchids By Plantscape Designs Inc. Bedford, MA ;On Sale Now Call Us For PricingToday!

Purple Long Lasting Dendrobium Orchids Bedford, MA

Dendrobium Orchids Yellow/ Purple Bedford, Ma

Our Green Plant Guarantee:

Our Dendrobium Flowering Orchids are guaranteed for 4 weeks but our indoor green office plants are guaranteed for the duration of our service to your corporation.

Plantscape Designs Inc. is an interior landscaping design and plant maintenance company that delivers superior quality office plant products and service for a very competitive price. We are so confident in our ability as as plant care professionals that we FULLY GUARANTEE our plants FREE of charge. We also GUARANTEE COMPLETE SATISFACTION. Our interior landscape design specialists and certified horticultural technicians are the best of Boston.

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