By using various varieties of potted orchids and bromeliads PDIPlants can add additional design value to your interior office plant environment.

Potted flowering plants last longer , look more natural and cost substantial less then cut flowers.
Orchids such as phalaeonopsis, cymbidiums, dendrobiums and oncidiums come in all colors and heights.
Bromeliads also have been hybridized into various colors of the rainbow. Guzmainias, talandsis and fasciates are just a few of the many species grown weekly in Florida.
PDIPlants uses these living potted botanicals to build exciting new flowering corporate designs for your Waltham, MA offices.

Plantscape designs Inc provides many services to our clients:

  1. Watering weekly of interior corporate plants Boston, MA
  2. designing of corporate interior office plants Boston, MA
  3. Plant flower maintenance for interior corporate office plants Boston. MA
  4. Corporate Plant and flower services for corporate interior office plants Boston, MA
  5. onsite plant and flower services for corporate office plants Boston, MA
  6. corporate interior landscapes boston, MA
  7. Interior Landscaping Design service care for corporate office green plants Boston, MA
  8. Corporate office maintenance, design, care for interior office plants Boston, MA
  9. Watering and Interior Landscaping Massachusetts
  10. Monthly flowering program arrangements Massachusetts

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