Why colorful stromanthe “sanguinea triostar” in your indoor office environments?

1. Stromanthe sanguinea is mainly grown for its richly variegated foliage that comes in pink, dark pink or burgundy, white, and green colors. During spring time, sanguinea produces reddish-pink flowers.
2. In addition to the peerless multi-colored foliage many observant and experienced gardeners noticed that it has both nyctinastic (night) and heliotropic (sun) movements that are controlled at the swollen area near the base of the leaf.
3. At this portion, the pigments, Phytochrome triggers the night position of the leaves and the cryptochrome triggers the day movements.
4. Stromanthe sanguinea exhibits a clump-forming growth to about 3.5 feet making it an excellent container plant. It performs well as a landscape and garden patios plant and is loved by many as an office plant in well lite lobbies.
Plantscape Designs Inc uses these colorful plants in your lobbies and atriums to soften the polished river rock used in planters today Cambridge, MA.