Plantscape Designs Inc is excited to now offer the New Cordyline Indoor Office Plants
The vibrant colors enhance any space.  We are offering on site consultations for our customers in Burlington, MA. Surrounding suburbs all the way out to the RTE 128 Corporate Offices

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Burlington MA Social Distancing Barriers using Interior office Plants & Planters
Plantscape Designs Inc, easy steps to a more beautiful contemporary planter.

Step one: Clear old plants out

Step two: Place black fiber mat down
Step three: Place plants according to design and light requirements
Step four: Place river rock in planter
Step five: place focal point plants to design
PDI currently services Lexington, Ma office buildings.
Using the above steps enables you to create unlimited plant design possibilities  for your office workplace.
Social -Distancing- Barriers -using -Interior- office- Plants- Planters-Plantscape -Designs

Plantscape Designs Inc is Back!!

Office Plants:

1.Increase your corporate productivity 

2.Reduce carcinogens emitted from your office furniture & building materials

3.Reduce the airborne presence of covid-19 viruses in your workplace atmosphere.

4. Your office place is further enhanced with live organic Biophilic green plants

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