PDI uses cork screw ficus trees in office interior lobbies as well as office cafes.

These tall stately low light ficus trees add character to your office work place.
Planting these soft leafed botanicals in Lechuza Cubicos further enhances the long elegant lines of these indoor plants.
Plantscape Designs Inc. currently services the Woburn, MA. office parks.
Do you know that one of the most popular plants in Europe is the Ficus benjamina
and its many cultivars.
There are many perceptions in the US on Ficus trees with differ from Europe
Ficus drop their leaves
Ficus are short lived in the interior environment
Ficus are uninteresting
Ficus are inexpensive
A Ficus is a Ficus
There is nothing new in Ficus
In fact over 15 years ago Ficus trees accounted for over 11% of all potted plant sales sold and over 60 Ficus varieties were being cultivated commercially.
Now not all Ficus cultivars are superior but some select varieties are indeed superior. Plus we continue to see new selections both unique in color form and growth habit.
This image is of a crop of 14 inch Ficus Benjamina ‘Monique‘ trees grown as ‘corkscrews’. These trees are undergoing the acclimation process getting use to lower light levels soon ready to be a conversation item as a houseplant or in an office.
Ficus Benjamina Monique is more drought tolerant than past benjamina varieties. Learn more on Ficus tree care here.
Ficus trees are one of PDI main staple plants for your Boston cityscape atriums.