When Your Orchid Is Flowering
Feed with 20-20-20 fertilizer at a rate of 1 gram per liter every other watering.
Do not let the soil dry out; evenly-moist is the ideal state.
Since conditions vary in each household or office, check guide, lift the plant daily and see if it is top heavy. The pot should feel heavy versus the rest of the plant. Water should not be dripping from the bottom, nor should it be sitting in an enclosed container holding water. The holes in the bottom of the pot are there for exactly that reason, good drainage.
If the plant seems to lose its’ luster, you can always mist it with the same rate of fertilizer (only the plant, not the flowers). The misting can be done several times a day as long as you make sure there is no run-off and no standing water on the leaves.
When All the Flowers Have Fallen Off Your Orchid
Cut the stem 5 centimeters above the leaves. Following the procedure described, you will give the plant the opportunity to have multiple spikes as the years go by.
The feeding in this period is stronger. Use the same fertilizer at the same strength but with every watering. If you lose roots (they turn dull and lose the green tip), turn to misting daily for two weeks.

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