1. Common uses include stand alone tabletop plant, mixed plantings in combo planters, understory plant in interiorscapes or an understory plant in zone 9+ exterior landscapes.Unlike other Neoregelia, our hybrids develop vivid color before the natural bloom cycle giving the consumer extended beauty and value. Six months or more of color “on the job” is not unusual.

2. Plantscape Designs Inc. Neoregelia are used as colorful alternatives to our monthly bromeliad or flowering programs in your interior office landscapes.

3. Yes, these bromeliads do flower just like their Aechemea and Guzmania cousins with tiny 1/4 inch blue or white flowers in the center of their colorful leafy brackets.

4. Neoregelia contains about fifty species and a large number of varieties. Most are from eastern Brazil. Although most neoregelias are terrestrial, some are found on shaded, lower branches of trees. They have been favorites in European collections for over one hundred years.

PDI designs with these neoreglia bromeliads especially in living walls and earth wall rectangular containers in Burlington, MA