1. Man-made articles such as paints, plastics, insulation, plywood, carpets and synthetic fabrics emit up to 300 harmful chemicals. NASA research has proven that plants clean the air of many harmful pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene styrenes and trichloroethylene. Now the need for interior plantings is greater than ever. Most of your office workplace buildings lack the capability to easily open a window and receive fresh air.

2. Plantscape Designs Inc of the 128RTE area has a number of green plant solutions for such indoor air pollution problems.
3. Many of our indoor plant designs incorporate foliage plants that greatly assist in chemically cleaning out the office air you breath in every work day.
4. PDI Plants service many areas include the Beverly, MA., Burlington, MA and the Bedford, MA. office building areas using such air cleaning office plants as spath flowers , mums, marginatas,snake plants, arboricolas, pothos and philodendrons .

“Plantscape Designs, Inc has populated the main entrances of both 100 & 250 Apollo Drive with an assortment of green office plants in stylish contemporary containers. The polished steel finish planters are sleek and industrial in their appearance. The tall cylinders elevate our colorful bromeliads so all can see who enter these five-story building lobbies.

These two first-class office buildings have a modern contemporary architectural design structurally. Both properties need a contemporary look with inside as well as outside plantings. Plantscape Designs Inc. has solved both of these problems. Oh, and don’t forget our brightly colored rotational flowering bromeliad programs add needed color.”
— Lisa Milinazzo, Property Manager for 100 & 250 Apollo Drive – Chelmsford, MA

Lisa Milinazzo

Property Manager, 100 & 250 Apollo Drive Chelmsford, MA

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