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Essco Corporation has been serviced by Plantscape Design Inc. for 10 years. Interior green plants enchance their reception entrance area as well as their logo.

Dracaena (Dracaena spp.”art”) is grown for its dramatic foliage and carefree nature. This large group of plants includes many species that can grow up to 6 feet tall with long, strap-like leaves, often with red and yellow variegation. Dracaena is an undemanding plant that tolerates low light and low humidity and it will forgive the occasional missed watering. As the plant grows, the lower leaves drop off and the trunk scars over, creating an interesting pattern of markings. D. fragrans, which is the familiar corn plant and D. marginata, commonly known as the rainbow plant, are two of the more familiar Dracaena species.

Mona Loa  “art” is just one more new variety possessing a yellow margin along every perimiter of it’s elongated leaves

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Lemon/ Lime plants
Lighting: Lemon Lime Warneckii does fine in low light, but they prefer it a little brighter. A good spot would be near a window where the plant will get a minimum of 4 hours of natural sunlight a day.
Water: The plant should stay evenly moist, not too dry and not too wet. If you do have to error in your watering, error on the side of keeping the plant dry. A plant with soil that is too wet will develop root rot. The amount of water your plant will need depends on a lot of factors: the amount of light it receives, the temperature of the room, humidity levels, among other things. A good rule of thumb would be to water the plant once a week and adjust according to how quickly the soil dries.

Fertilizer: As your interior office plants use the naturally occurring nutrients from its soil, those nutrients will have to be replaced through fertilization. Indoor plant fertilizers can be found at most local florists or home and garden centers. We recommend a time release formula. Make sure and follow the directions on the fertilizer because over fertilization of the plant can lead to brown leaves, among other problems. It is best to fertilize once a month during the spring/summer/early fall months. During the winter months (November through March) it is best to hold off on fertilizer.

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