The movement of water vapor passing through your office plant leaves is called transpiration. This flow of water vapor goes threw the leafs’ small pores, called stomates.

In most office plants the stomates are open during part of the day and close at night. In certain species, such as succulents that grow in the desert, the stomates are open at night when the air is cool, relative humidity is high, and transpiration is low. Therfore you should water them less.
Carbon dioxide is absorbed and converted into organic acids in a process requiring little energy and progressing efficiently in the dark. During the day the stomates are closed, reducing transpiration during the hot dry part of the 24- hour cycle.
Photosynthetic processes then convert the carbon dioxide fixed in organic acids into cardonhydrates and other products of photosynthesis. This food (sugar), your office plants make, becomes your plants nourishment.
This is why PDI carefully waters your office plants so they can chemically function properly to feed themselves and grow healthy.
Plantscape Designs Inc carefully waters your office plants in the Lexington,Ma and Bedford, Ma areas.