Designing with Vriesea Bromeliads in Your Interior Office Plant Installations Burlington, MA

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Vriesea plant care tips:


The majority of bromeliads, this 1 included, do best in bright, natural light. This would be an east or west exposure. 


The Flaming Sword has a cup, tank, vase or urn (whatever you prefer to call it!) in the center of the center of the plant which catches & stores water. It also gets moisture through the foliage. The roots are primarily a method to anchor these epiphytes onto other plants.
Completely flush out the water in the cup every 1-2  months to prevent bacteria from building up. Your Vriesea would appreciate a misting or spraying of its foliage once or twice a week.


 Fertilize bromeliads, they don’t need it. Vriesias get their nutrition from matter falling on them from plants growing above. 
Vriesea plant care tips
Here’s the Vriesea hanging out with a Neoregelia in my bathroom. You can clearly see the central cup which collects the water & nutrients.

Vriesea Bromeliads Interior Office Plant Installation Burlington, MA

Vriesea Bromeliads Burlington, MA
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