Design and Maintenance of a Magnum Industries Installation In Newton, MA By PDI
Newton, MA Installation of Black coral Sanservveria

Building lobby Newton, MA by PDI

Sanserveria officeplants designed by Plantscape Designs Inc 

Newton, MA lobby Weekly maintenance of office plants by PDI
Plantscape Designs does not use harmful insecticidal sprays on your indoor green plants. We service weekly not biweekly.

CATS Academy, a top private preparatory high school in Newton, MA, is a client of Plantscape Designs Inc. Brian, Plantscape’s General Manager, had a fun opportunity to ‘step outside’ from his daily interior landscaping work to design and plant an array of annuals in the botanical garden at the entrance of the school.

“It looks so nice – it’s nice to come outside and see the flowers!”
— Liz Check, Principal, CATS Academy, Newton

Exterior plant selection is typically based on the amount of available sun, soil condition, and by the size and shape of the garden bed. Taller-growing annuals are often chosen for the back of border plantings to create a pleasing vertical aspect. Hardy yellow marigolds, multi-hued nicotiana, and other long-blooming annual flowers were selected to provide a whole season of color and beauty to be enjoyed by the school’s staff and visiting prospective students.

As part of their landscaping services, PDI will continue to provide plant maintenance over the summer to keep the garden looking its best, including periodic dead-heading (removing spent blooms) and fertilizing the flowers to promote healthy growth. PDI takes great pride in both its interior and exterior plant design and derives great pleasure in providing beautiful landscaping for their clients year round!

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