Covidien is a provider of gobal healthcare products, and operates three of its research and development centers in Massachusetts. Their Bedford facility on Crosby Drive focuses on surgical solutions. Plantscape Designs, Inc., has populated their office with live green office plants, providing both beauty as well as a more healthy working environment.

It’s not surprising that studies both in the United States and Europe have shown that well-maintained interior landscaping helps decrease stress and increase worker productivity. In addition to enhancing the image and ambience of a building, plants also improve air quality and reduce noise levels.

Many office buildings are sealed tightly to increase HVAC efficiency; within these buildings, man-made articles such as paints, plastics, insulation, plywood, carpets, synthetic fibers and detergents emit up to 300 harmful pollutants, contributing to “Sick Building Syndrome”. “Sick Building Syndrome” can develop into an expensive liability when these toxins become concentrated in these sealed environments. Employees can become ill, suffering from various maladies including fatigue, headaches, and sensory irritation of the eyes, nose and throat. However, plants have been shown to absorb these pollutants into their roots, cleansing the toxins from the air, and providing food for the plants. An excellent online article, titled “Benefits of Green Plants” describes this and other benefits of using green plants indoors.

 The interior landscape design effects of Plantscape Designs Inc. has transformed our working conditions immensely for a better, healthier environment!
— Holly, Covidien – Bedford, MA