Corporate plant designs within corporations in Boston, MA are our specialty. PDI is currently designing Boston interior offices with minimalist use of green tropical plants. Here at the Adobe headquarters reception only 2 white phalaeonopsis orchids in glass and just 2 Chinese evergreens are used to enhance Adobe’s “patent wall” listing all their products. The contemporary chairs are complimented with our European tall cubico planter further framing their patent wall. Adobe has been our client for over 15 years.
At Plantscape Designs Inc we work with Boston architects designing your office work place with minimalist plant design in mind.
Poinsettias by Plantscape Designs Inc

Free Delivery of All your Poinsettias ; Orders Over $50.00

Your Fresh Massachusetts Grown Poinsettias and Amaryllis shall be delivered to your offices Free of Charge with orders over $50.00 or more.

Holiday / Christmas Decorations trees, Wreaths Red Poinsettias are here

Red Poinsettias, Christmas trees, Holiday Wreaths, Garland & all Festive decorations are in our warehouse waiting to be delivered today to your Office Workplaces Boston, MA

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“Our Poinsettias delivery every year is just spectacular as well as outstanding in freshness & Color richness. Our Offices are aglow with Holiday festivities .”

Francis Redfield

Office Manager, Aramco Office Downtown Boston, MA

Joe Gallo

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