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Why can’t you lease your office building?

1. The world economy has been stagnated since 2020.
2. Our US economy has suffered greatly with both small and large companies going out of business.
3. High unemployment.

4. As a result empty office space.


This economic climate is about to change, so design and enhance your indoor plant office workplace with Plantscape Designs Inc live green plants, Woburn MA office plants.

Live office plants cannot change the above economic climate, but they can sure change a potential tenants attitude about residing and doing business in your office building in the Rte 128 or Boston, MA areas.

When we think of adding a colorful accent to our indoor office plants we often think about cut flowers or a flowering potted plant. Actually there is another option. Tropical foliage plants that have beautiful colored leaves. If your office has the right conditions, bright light and warm temperature, there is an unlimited selection of plants that have colorful foliage and variegated leaves. Crotons, Cordyline, Rex begonias, Stromanthe are just a few that can brighten your office with some color. We use many of these on locations in the Boston metro area. Colored leafy botanicals have unlimited plant possibilities. 


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