Cacti can bloom flowers, colorful flowers at that! Normally flowering cacti are found in Arizona on the Saguaro desert around the Tuscon and Phoenix city out shirts. The timing is tricky. In order for these beautiful cacti to flower colorfully the previous winter has to be a relatively wet one. Precipitation has to be at least a few or more inches. The following spring these cacti and other succulents will bloom as shone in these above photos. Cacti can make great Boston interior plant specimens.

The major pollinators are bats and insects, primarily the lesser long-nosed bat, feeding on the nectar from the night-blooming flowers, which often remain open in the morning. There are a number of floral characteristics geared toward bat pollination: nocturnal opening of the flowers, nocturnal maturation of pollen, very rich nectar, position high above the ground, durable blooms that can withstand a bat’s weight, and fragrance emitted at night.
One additional evidence is that the amino acids in the pollen appear to help sustain lactation in bats. The flowers remain open into the daylight hours and continue to produce nectar after sunrise. Doves and bees appear to be the primary daytime pollinators.
At PDIPLANTS Boston MA we do not use bats nor insects to get our cacti to bloom rich bright colors. We use greenhouse force water and fertilizer under similar conditions as would be in their natural desert surroundings. Your Boston interior office plants can now be accented with these beautiful and rare flowers.