Burlington, MA Office Plant Design Service & Maintenance

Abbott Corporation, Burlington, MA

Abbott, a world leader in providing products to treat the full range of clinical needs for advanced heart failure patients, is a long-time client of Plantscape Design, Inc., who has provided corporate green and flowering plants as well as office plant care and maintenance for this company for over 10 years. Because the floor space in Abbott’s new office on Middlesex Turnpike is at a premium, as a result, Plantscape Designs Inc. has incorporated space-saving solutions in their office plant design. Mona Lisa Cane indoor plants have been installed in narrow interior office spaces, using new contemporary designer Cubico planters. The vertical aspect of these tall, attractive plants therefore, helps solve the problem of managing limited floor space. John, our field manager and installer, has also placed a dozen topsider planter boxes on the sides as well as on top of the Abbott’s cubicles, creatively utilizing vertical space as well as providing a soothing, softening effect to contrast the hard lines of their office furniture. In addition, the front reception interior planter, populated with an 8’ Braided Ficus Benjamina, Sansevieria and Silver Queens, welcomes business clients and medical personal with freshness & health.

“We have been working with Plantscape Designs since 2004 and have been very pleased with the quality of service and products that Joe Gallo and his team have given us over the years. When we initially decided we wanted plants in the office, we contacted Plantscape and were visited by their botanist who recommended the appropriate plants for our office environment. We have been working with the same trustworthy technicians since 2004 and find them to be knowledgeable and helpful with any of our concerns. From time to time, we are pleased to see that Plantscape Designs will exchange plants with something new and innovative. Please feel free to contact me to discuss my experience with Plantscape. Each month we receive a beautiful botanical arrangement made by Plantscape for our reception area. This living arrangement uses new and beautiful flowering and green plants and always looks healthy and vibrant. Our clients and employees enjoy seeing this ever-changing arrangement.”

— Rich Bonito, Facilities Manager, Abbott Corporation, Burlington, MA