Burlington, MA Living Walls Installed At Pharmaceutical Offices by Plantscape Designs Inc

Green Wall Benefits
Carbon dioxide inside buildings is a growing health concern, according to studies cited in this Washington Post article. Green walls are a sustainable, environmentally friendly solution, absorbing CO2 and providing other benefits, including:
  • 1.Scrub air of pollutants, allergens and dangerous toxins, including VOCs
  • 2.Increase worker productivity
  • 3.Improve human health and wellbeing
  • 4.Reduce heat, noise, solar reflection and urban heat island effect
  • 5.Purify contaminated air
  • 6.Make indoor environments healthier, more livable and more sustainable
  • 7.Can lower HVAC bills

At Plantscape Designs Inc., we are your interior landscaper for all your indoor office plant service, maintenance and plant sales design needs Burlington, MA

Just some of the services Plantscape Designs Inc Provides:

1. Free Consultations for indoor office plants
2. Flowering Plant Rotations for your Office Reception Desks
3. Weekly corporate office plant maintenance Burlington, MA
4. Green Plant Company servicing locally
5. Indoor Planter Design and Renovation for indoor offices Burlington, MA
6.  Living Tropical Plant Installation and Care for corporate inside offices
7.  Living Plant wall design and Installation for corporate inside offices Burlington, MA
8. Lifelike Silk Plant Design and Installation for corporate interior offices

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