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Businesses have long realized that the physical environment directly affects an employee’s ability to work. Now businesses are realizing that interior plants are a natural and vital part of a productive workplace. The majority of Fortune 500 Companies have landscaped their office interiors – boosting morale, building employee contentment and promoting productivity. It’s not surprising that studies both in the United States and Europe have shown that people find peace in well-maintained interior landscaping. In addition to enhancing the image and ambience of a building, plants also improve air quality and reduce noise levels. NASA tests have shown that plants can even improve productivity and reduce symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome.
… businesses realize that amenities such as office plants are methods of attracting and retaining high quality employees. — Dana Parker, Longwood Gardens research fellow, in article The Role of Horticulture in Human Well-Being and Social Development Contemporary buildings are sealed tightly to increase HVAC efficiency. Inside those sealed environments, man-made articles such as paints, plastics, insulation, plywood, carpets, synthetic fibers and detergents emit up to 300 harmful pollutants. Diagram showing the biology of plants in terms of how they clean the air However, many tropical plants possess the ability to not only beautify your interior environment; they filter these pollutants from the air. NASA funded studies directed by Dr. B. C. Wolverton, a 20-year veteran in horticulture research, proved that the plants commonly used in interior plantscaping cleanse the air of many harmful pollutants such as formaldehyde, benzene and trichloroethylene. Material distributed by the Plants for Clean Air Council demonstrates that plants remove pollutants in varying quantities. The council recommends one potted plant for each 100 square feet of floor space.

Testimonials Barrings Corporate office Boston

“Our interior office plants and flowers by Plantscape Designs Inc staff has transformed our workplace environment into a more friendly pleasant healthier corporate meeting arewa for both our employees and clients.”

Victoria Smith

office manager

Boston Massachusetts

Testimonials ABCAM/ Boston Massachusetts

“Plantscape Designs inc has transformed our lab and pharma manufacturing facility into a more pleasant natural biophilic workplace.”

Karen Snow

facility coordinator

Boston Massachusetts


When we think of adding a colorful accent to our indoor office plants we often think about cut flowers or a flowering potted plant. Actually there is another option. Tropical foliage plants that have beautiful colored leaves. If your office has the right conditions, bright light and warm temperature, there is an unlimited selection of plants that have colorful foliage and variegated leaves. Crotons, Cordyline, Rex begonias, Stromanthe are just a few that can brighten your office with some color. We use many of these on locations in the Boston metro area. Colored leafy botanicals have unlimited plant possibilities. 


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