Office Plants Weekly Maintenance Boston, MA

Boston’s Proven Provider of Weekly Office Plant Maintenance Services

Plantscape Designs is the Greater Boston Area’s leading provider of interior plantscapes. For your design, installation, and weekly maintenance, call Brian Guilfoyle 781.632.4475

Plant Care in Boston Made Easy with Plantscape Design’s Weekly Office Plant Maintenance

Boston business owners know that their city is growing! The hardest part of being in an urban environment is perhaps the limitation of horizontal space. Thankfully, the expert horticulturalists at Plantscape Designs have developed innovative ways to bring greenery indoors. The trained horticulturalists at Plantscape Designs believe that indoor plants should be an essential part of any interior landscape (especially in a four-seasons area like Boston, where winters can be harsh and long). We care so much about designing and maintaining our clients’ indoor gardens that we have established a weekly office plant maintenance program designed to maximize the longevity of our products. We invite Boston clients to check out our wall-mounted plants (or “living wall”), which serve both to divide space strategically and enhance the air quality. These green walls are a fantastic choice for offices with limited space or few horizontal surfaces. Plantscape Designs has experience working with business of all types, and so our horticulturalists can meet the unique lighting and spatial needs of your office. Call Plantscape Designs and watch employee morale and productivity improve immediately and dramatically with the right plants for your space, and the appropriate weekly office plant maintenance.