Too often, plants are considered an afterthought in modern design. They are considered an accessory rather than an architectural fixture. When a true effort is made to embed living greenery within a built environment, the effect is palpable. Plantscape Designs uses features such as vertical gardens of wall-mounted plants (so-called “living walls”) to bring the outdoors in. Living walls can be incorporated into stairwells, baths, and conference rooms to improve the occupants’ mood and increase productivity. Plantscape Designs features a number of other available options, including colorful bromeliad designs, hardy succulent arrangements, or simple pothos planters. Call the expert horticultural technicians at Plantscape Designs and enhance your surroundings—and lifestyle—today.

“Well our live green office plants have made our offices more friendly, positive, esthetically pleasing as well as healthier because of the biophilic effects of green plants on elimination of carcinogens and Covid-19 virus varients. Bria and John the PDI installers are a pleasure to work with from their initial delivery and final design installation.”


office manager;

Thais Segundo

Altra Rock Partners Beverly Massachusetts 

Office Plant Selection and Weekly Maintenance Made Easy with Plantscape Designs

Plantscape Designs is the Boston area’s leading indoor, outdoor, tropical and plant supplier, that also offers weekly office plant maintenance. A team of trained horticulturalists work with each Boston client to provide customized service that matches a office’s space, desired atmosphere, and budget with a mood-boosting interior garden. Whether you are looking for a single tree or shrub, a few coordinated planters, or a full-scale interior garden, Plantscape Designs can help you transform your office into an attractive, healthy, and productive space. Additionally, the team at Plantscape Designs stands by our products, ensuring that each plant is acclimated to its indoor environment. We also offer weekly office plant maintenance, in order to take the burden off of Boston business owners. Let Plantscape Designs take care of your plants, so that you can take care of your clients. Call Plantscape Designs today!


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