Be aware of tired indoor office plants in you offices.

The interior office plants shown here within this blog are examples of tired poorly cared for indoor office plants. These office plants were taken out of one of our competitors clients office. PDI acquired these new accounts because of the competitors incompetent monthly care. Plantscape Designs Linc. later replaced these tired office plants with fresh botanicals.
How does this occur?
1. Our competitors once or twice a month service can do this, because of not enough care.
2. Lack of pruning skills and up keep on a monthly and quarterly time table by our competitors
3. No consistency in turning these office plants away from the sunlight for more even growth by our competitors.
4. Lack of a more regid time table for fertilizing these weak indoor office plants by our competitors.
Plantscape Designs Inc. Boston, MA is consistent with our care and weekly servicing of your interior botanicals unlike other interior landscapers in the Boston, MA area.