Autumn Holiday Arrangements by Plantscape Designs Inc.

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Holiday Autumn Arrangement for Reception Area

October & November Fall Specials-

PDI Plantscape Designs Inc. special fall arrangements bring the beauty of autumn into your office. So don’t miss these gorgeous fall colors because they don’t last forever: orange, burgundy, yellow and brown which suggest the oncoming of the Autumn season and the ending of the harvest. Kale, cornstalks, pumpkins, mums of assorted colors of bronze, purple, orange and yellow speak of a season of abundance and the on coming of winter. PDI fall scenes and arrangements are non denominational, natural and refreshing for office employees’ environments. 

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At Plantscape Designs Inc., we are your interior landscaper for all your indoor office plant care, maintenance and design needs. Plantscape Designs does not use harmful insecticidal sprays on your indoor green plants.

Plantscape Designs Inc Provides:
1. Free consultation for office plant assessments Waltham, MA
2. Friendly and fast installations and replacements Waltham, MA
3. Weekly service and lifetime guarantee of our plants Waltham, MA
4. Prices that are hard to beat Waltham, MA
5. Free proposal resulting in a design, installation & care of your interior office plants
PDI Plantscapes Inc. has been proudly servicing the Boston and North Shore area for over 45 years. PDI is run by Joe Gallo who is a educated botanist and has authored books on plant care. He loves serving his customers and educating them about the benefits of plants. 

Plantscape Designs Inc is Here to Service Your Plants; Just Let us in Your Offices!

.Plantscape Designs Inc has and shall in the near future upon full reentry/ reopening of all businesses follow the CDC GUIDELINES:

A. The wearing of masks sanitized with 70% isopropyl alcohol or hydrogen peroxide

B. The wearing of gloves sanitized with 70% isopropyl alcohol or 3% hydrogen peroxide

C. The social/ physical distancing recommended by CDC of 6′ or more

D. PDI employees shall not be working at your location nor ours if said individual has a cough, sneeze, fever symptoms wethers it be of flu, cold, seasonal virus or covid-19 association.

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