SeaChange International is a telecommunications company in Acton, MA which specializes in video streaming services for various service providers. Plantscape Designs, Inc. provides various services for their interior landscaping needs. Bamboo palms, Baby’s Tears (a plant that gets its name from its tiny round leaves) and other exotic oriental interior greenery add to their Zen Garden, which is maintained by Plantscape Designs, Inc. Weekly maintenance of these exotic flowering plants and greenery is required for peak flourishing of all plants. In addition, a Phalaenopsis Orchid (from our monthly orchid program) housed in a glass cylinder is rotated every 30 days in their reception area for added color and ambiance. Our mini Zen Garden is well cared for by Brian of Plantscape Designs, Inc. The monthly rotational flowering programs of Japanese Iris and colorful Bromeliads add to the tranquility and peacefulness of the interior landscape in our very own office building. — Anne Magnus, SeaChange International, Acton, MA