Andover, MA Office Plant Design Service & Maintenance

Testimonials Andover MA Vender Alliance

“We wish to thank you for sending your PDI staff to us to care for the plants in our office. We commend them for their attention and weekly care of the plants. Since your staff has been servicing us , the plants are shiny , healthy and beautiful . Before we switched services the plants looked tired and malnourished.

Your staff is alway pleasant and comes in with a smile. They have educated all of us in the proper care of plants. Your staff exudes enthusiasm , and we can tell they truly love their work.

Please convey our appreciation to your staff at Plantscape Designs Inc.”

Yours truly,

Mary Ward

office supervisor

Testimonials Andover MA DSA Systems

To the Staff of Plantscape Designs:

“Reference is made to the services that Plantscape Designs Inc, Has provided to DSA Systems of Andover MA during this past year. The intent of this letter of this letter is to bring to your attention our appreciation in the efforts that you your staff and your company have put forth to us in overdoing what has been requested by you.

It is my pleasure to recommend the services of Plantscape Designs Inc to other associates inthe real estate industry and as such if I can assist you in any way in accomplishing or expanding your business, please do not hesitate to contact me”

all the best,

john Blaney

Senior property manager

Testimonial Andover MA Zwicker Assoc.

To the Staff of Plantscape Designs Inc:

“We have been using Plantscape Designs Inc for one year now and are very pleased with your work performance.

You service all our plants on a weekly basis and they seem to be flourishing and growing at a great pace.

We would not hesitate to recommend PDI to anyone who is interested in using your service.”


Christine Freides

office manager

RDK Engineers, Brickstone Square, Andover MA

RDK Engineers is a specialized mechanical and electrical engineering firm offering a spectrum of engineering services including total building systems solutions. Plantscape Designs, Inc., who also provides weekly plant service, has selected plants for their office that fit their low-light needs.

 Very different from our neighboring office ALKU that has direct southwest sun exposure, our offices face north. Dark green plants [from Plantscape Design, Inc.] are the only answer to our interior landscaping needs.
— Laura DePalma, CFO/Principal, RDK Engineers, Andover, MA

ALKU, Brickstone Square, Andover MA

ALKU Technologies is a nation-wide provider of technical staffing solutions in the areas of SAP and PeopleSoft, servicing small and large companies in private and public sectors, offering a complete spectrum of services. Plantscape Designs, Inc., in addition to its weekly plant care service, has provided the company with vibrant options for their high light office environment.

The sunny southwest lobby and southerly facing first, second and third floor windows all are able to have colorful tropical plants, unlike many office buildings that require low light dark green interior plants.

 Our bright sunny windows need plants that can take it. PDI has positioned colorful high light red, yellow and orange pigmented plants that can take it, not just common green plants.
— Jessica Roux, Sales Manager, ALKU, Andover, MA