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General Communications Woburn, MA

Just one live green plant like the above open weave Dracaena Marginata in a contemporary powdered steel cylinder can bring warmth , friendliness life to your place of business. Employees and clients respond in positive productive ways when entering your place of work, like General Communications in Woburn, MA.

At PDI, Plantscape Designs Inc. we alway encourage our clients to initiate the positioning of at least one live interior plant to welcome all guests, secondly to direct and enhance the viewer eyes to your wall logo. A new business logo will be placed on the empty right wall of this reception area Woburn, MA.

Regency Park Westford, MA
Quorum Office Park Chelmsford, MA
Apollo Drive Chelmsford, MA
Forest Ridge Office Park Billerica, MA
Northwest Office Park Burlington, MA
Cranberry Hill Office Park Lexington, MA
Ledgemont Research Park Lexington, MA
Wellesley Office Park Wellesley, MA
Unicorn Office Park Stoneham, MA

                                                The Arsenal On The Charles Watertown, MA
Bamboo Palms by Plantscape Designs Inc

Higher Office Humidity Inhibits Covid19 Virus Transmission

Other experiments, using animals and cough-simulating mannequins, have found that flu virus is easily transmitted through the air when humidity is below about 40 or 50 percent, but less likely to be transmitted when the air is at or above 40 or 50 percent humidity.Office Live Plants increase the office humidity naturally.

‘” A transformation came about our interior offices once Brian and John ,Plantscape Designs Inc Staff, delivered and properly positioned all our green foliage plants and planters.

In addition, we asked them to design our plants and planter as social distancing barriers against the spread of airborne Covid19 virus, helping with social distancing to separate our employees from each other safely and esthetically. “


Janet / office manager

Healthcare Source / Woburn, MA

Office Plant Maintenance, Design Services, and Plant Installation for your Woburn Office!

Plantscape Designs is the most versatile office plant maintenance service you will find in the interior garden industry, conveniently located to service all of Woburn and surrounding areas. MA. In addition to installation and design services, Plantscape Designs provides routine office plant maintenance for Woburn clients. Experienced designers and horticultural professionals offer consultations to clients interested in enhancing their office spaces by means of improved air quality and captivating aesthetic designs.

Transform Your Woburn Business with Office Plant Design and Maintenance Professionals.

An office is often responsible for a client’s first impression of a business. Moreover, it’s where employees spend most of their waking hours. Studies confirm that greenery carefully chosen for a built environment enhances employee productivity by improving attention and enhancing air quality. From customized hanging gardens to subtle dish gardens, Plantscape Designs offers individualized design and office plant maintenance services to clients in and around Woburn. We do office plant design and maintenance projects of all scopes and sizes. Trust the experts at Plantscape Designs to transform your Woburn office.

Social Distancing Barriers using Interior office Plants & Planters

When we think of adding a colorful accent to our indoor office plants we often think about cut flowers or a flowering potted plant. Actually there is another option. Tropical foliage plants that have beautiful colored leaves. If your office has the right conditions, bright light and warm temperature, there is an unlimited selection of plants that have colorful foliage and variegated leaves. Crotons, Cordyline, Rex begonias, Stromanthe are just a few that can brighten your office with some color. We use many of these on locations in the Boston metro area. Colored leafy botanicals have unlimited plant possibilities. 


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