A new design concept using Pachira aquatica (money tree) and river rock is illustrated here in this photo taken on site within one of our Lexington, MA clients sunlit lobbies. Visit PDIPLANTSBlog.com for more info.

1. The Pachira Tree itself requires high light locations such as this south exposure lobby. The braided trunk of this tree really consists of many smaller trees carefully intertwined around each other, giving this a newer sculptured effect. These green tropical plants are ideal for your Burlington interior office landscapes.
2. The topiary cut or trim of the lower basal leafs exposes this truck so a different design is created instead of an old 80’s bushy jungle look in past interiorscape office designs
3. The black polished river rock adds to a clean modern look and feel of this indoor plant design.
4. Finally, the architectural lechuza cubico designer container itself fully displays both the sculptured office plant and the smooth clean river rock almost at eye level.
At PDI we encourage our old and new clients to use these new design aspects for a better display of their interior office plants in Burlington, MA.