1881 Worcester Road is a 64,000 square foot, multi-tenant office building in Framingham, MA. Plantscape Designs, Inc. is responsible for the design and maintenance of the building’s myriad green and flowering plants.

The front lobby of this contemporary office building has a built-in planter filled with BJ Freeman Aglaonemas, Dracaenas, Sansevierias and Bromeliad flowers. (The planter also serves as a building ordinance requirement for the protection of tenant’s heads from bumping into the stairwell.) Thriving green office plant varieties dot the hallways of the multiple floors, in part due to the ample sunlight streaming into the building from the south and west sides.

 Our front lobby greets all passers-by with an assortment of colored tropical plants and flowers. Our five floors of tenants appreciate this ambiance every day.
— Tim Coskren, Parsons Commercial Group, Framingham, MA