Plantscape Designs’ Plants Afford A Range of Benefits to Billerica Offices

Billerica works hard. Shouldn’t it’s office plants work hard, too? In fact they do, when they are properly maintained. Studies unequivocally show that office plants improve health outcomes among office workers, while reducing stress, increasing focus, and even damping background noise. Plus, Plantscape Designs has something for every type of office. Whether you’re looking for just a few succulents for a waiting room, a jaw-dropping standing tree for a vestibule, or a tasteful centerpiece for a conference room, our team will help you find the right product or arrangement for your workspace. In addition to affording these health benefits, plants help businesses attract talented employees. It turns out that clients, too, appreciate the pleasant environment that plants afford. For a talented workplace and happy clients, Billerica business owners and office managers trust Plantscape Designs.

Weekly Plant Maintenance Helps Billerica Office Workers Breathe Easier

With clients to serve, invoices to send, and services to render, office plant maintenance is often the last thing on the minds of busy office managers and business owners in Billerica. Nevertheless, the health and productivity benefits of indoor plants (especially during Billerica’s long winters) are too great to ignore. That’s why Plantscape Designs takes pride in not only supplying the widest selection of attractive and elegant indoor plants, but also providing weekly office plant maintenance for Billerica businesses. Plants require a bit more than an occasional dose of water. Moreover, pruning and watering patterns can change based on environmental conditions. Plantscape Designs takes care of indoor greenscapes from start to finish. With no mess or extended wait times for installation, the widest plant selection in the Greater Boston Area, and the most expert and reliable weekly maintenance team, trust Plantscape Designs for your office greenery.

GE Intelligent Platforms specializes in the fields of Industrial Automation, Data & Analytics, and Embedded Systems. Plantscape Designs, Inc. provides their Billerica location interior landscaping services, which include interior landscaping design, plant maintenance and seasonal decorating.

 The staff at Plantscape Designs, Inc. has treated us well with proper weekly interior plant care and design; Brian and John replace tired looking green plants when needed, always honoring their guaranteed plant replacement policy; and suggesting appropriate holiday decorating ideas.
— David Tetley, Engineering Manager, GE Intelligent Platforms, Billerica, MA