Burlington, MA
interior  office plant  infested with spider mite

Indoor office plants can attract a whole host of annoying insect pests in your interior plant office environment.

Weekly visual checks by our staff and the application of insect parasites and insect predators can quickly eradicate these little pests. An example of a beneficial insect predator PDI applies to insect infested interior green office plants is p.permilis (red -orange) preying on a two spotted mite.

Two-spotted spider mites (Tetranychus urticae) and several other pest mites are the target food of P. persimilis ( orange below photo), which will consume 5-10 pest adults or up to 20 pest eggs/day. 

Burlington, MA Rebecca's Cafe insect infected planter
p.permilis preying on a two spotted mite

Rubbing alcohol sprayed on these adult insect pests can suppress these types of insects feeding on your interior office plants.A 50% isopropyl alcohol applied to these insect can help.

If none of the above procedures do not take effect PDI will replace the diseased indoor plants free of charge in our Burlington, MA  interior offices of Rebbeca’s Cafe.

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