Bi-Monthly Bromeliad Program

We offer a bi-monthly bromeliad program for interior offices needing some colorful flowering plants as well. These beautiful potted flowers can be used in many different ways in your office to add a splash of color in a single container or to add color in an existing planter bed of live, green plants and are long lasting. Get the most beautiful indoor flowering plants in the Boston area with the Plantscape Design rotation programs!



Brian Guilfoyle contact 781.632.4475



Plantscape Designs inc Has other colors and assorted varieties of Long lasting Bromeliads too!

Colorful guzmanias are long lasting too. Shipments are arriving daily at our Plantscape Designs Inc warehouse Stoneham , Massachusetts from our South Florida nurseries 

Wow what colors!

Yes absolutely we have the quantity quality and colors for your corporate office workplace today call now!.