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Wick/ Grow systems
Living wall using wick/ grow systems  by Plantscape Designs Inc
Not all plants need the same amount of water. Some plants need a lot of water (like those who come from areas of high rainfall, such as rain forests). And others prefer life on the dry side (especially those who hail from more desert-like locations).

So let your plants decide when to drink.With the Wick & Grow™ system, plants can sip up hydration when they are thirsty. The “wick” of Wick & Grow™ is a simple little string inserted into the bottom of the pot that allows plants to drink up water from a reservoir in the base of the container.
Help your plant satisfy its own thirst.
With the Wick & Grow™ system, the plants’ roots use the wick to draw up water, in little sips, whenever the plant is thirsty. The plant can’t over drink or dry out. The wicking system helps the plant use the exact amount of water it needs. As long as you fill the reservoir with water, you’ll plant will always have enough to drink.

Look for our name on our pots!
Look for this label on potted plants at your local retailers. These pots will have a wick and a water reservoir so that you can grow plants worry-free. You’ll never over- under-water your houseplants again.


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