Another positive Testimonial about our PDI Staff members

Gilde Healthcare, Cambridge Ma

Hi Joe,

 “I must say that our small office was very impressed with your team. The plant selections were wonderful and they did a lovely job of removing the old plants and setting up the new plants. Superbly professional and provided great advice for upkeep. If our office expands we will most definitely utilize your services again.”

Kind regards,
Autumn Corporate Office Scenes
Mums Pumpkins
Holly Condon, Phoenix Tissue Repair

“We are overcrowded here in this particular office. We do not have the floor space for plants, just cubicles. These top-mounted planter boxes with assorted species of interior green plants add to the beauty of our office place and do not take up much room! However, our lobby displays the latest planter designs PDI can offer.”

Kale Pumpkins Mums Arrangements