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Interior Landscape Design

Plantscape Designs has been enhancing the office spaces of large companies and smaller businesses in the Boston area with superior interior landscape designs for over 40 years. Each of our projects is geared toward our clients' specific needs to help complement their space with interior plants which will create attractive natural settings as well as thrive in their specific office environment.

The Interior Landscaping Design Process

Our first step involves a visit to your place of business. We evaluate the office space, determining the amount of available natural and artificial light in order to select the best plants suited to your office environment. After discussing style and décor, we define suitable focal points around your office (such as near company signs or in seating areas) where green or flowering plants can provide an attractive backdrop as well as create a soft, inviting ambience. Once we have all of this information, we will recommend plants and containers that are best suited to reflect the style of your office space.

Plant Installation

Plantscape Designs understands that deliveries to your office can be disruptive. We will coordinate with your schedule to determine the best time to deliver your live, green plants to keep the disruption of your business to a minimum. We have the utmost respect for your office, and our installation crew will be careful to protect your flooring, walls, stairways and furniture from any damage upon installation. Our deliveries are always made in a timely fashion.

Interior Plant Selection and Design Options

Indoor plants range greatly in appearance, color, and size so please feel free to look through our Plant Catalog for some of the plants we offer. If you have any questions, or are interested in a specific type of plant, please contact us – we’re always glad to help!

Plant décor options are endless – for example, large spaces might call for bold, vertical plantings that give the appearance of bringing the outdoors in; drab, uninspiring areas in the office could be magically transformed by strategic placement of flowering containers. Adding greenery to a reception room, as another example, not only provides natural beauty but additionally can instill a sense of calm to those waiting for their appointments.

We have also worked with numerous clients who are Feng Shui-oriented; a common technique is to use rounded-leaved plants, as they are considered to be buffers against sources of negative energy such as sharp corners.

Please consider taking a look through our design gallery to see some of our work.

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