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PDI Leadership

Joe Gallo, President and Founder

Joe Gallo

Joe Gallo is the President and Founder of Plantscape Designs, Inc. (PDI). In 1972, he created PDI as a way to supplement his personal income as a high school teacher. Having studied biology, botany and ecology in obtaining his BA & Masters Degrees, he is able to apply his knowledge of tropical indoor plants to help further enhance the esthetics of interior plants in offices and building lobbies as well as augment the health aspects of interior workplaces by using live green plants.

As the years passed, not only did PDI grow in number of new clients and staff members, but also the need for environmentally safe office workplace interiors became more of a consumer demand. PDI, since its inception, has emphasized the importance of proper care and maintenance of plants in business environments. We have found that a staff of caring and knowledgeable technicians visiting client offices once a week to care for the plants results in a more beautiful environment. The interior plants remain healthier, enabling them to do the job of cleaning the air of toxins which are emitted into every office environment. (See NASA funded studies described in the Benefits of Plants in the Workplace page.)

Joe has written a book entitled "101 Plantcare Tips for Your Interior Plantscape" as well as a book about public Boston sculpture. If you're interested, please visit the Boston Bronze and Stone website.

Brian Guilfoyle, General Manager

Brian Guilfoyle

Brian Guilfoyle joined Plantscape Designs, Inc. in 1983 after receiving an Associates degree in Floriculture from the Stockbridge School of Agriculture in 1980. He then went on to receive a Bachelors degree in Plant and Soil Sciences from The University of Massachusetts in 1982. His passion for horticulture and plants in general extends back to his youth. He has served Plantscape Designs, Inc. for over 35 years as Operations Manager. Brian is involved with landscaping design solutions for our clients' interior office workplaces as well as seasonal Holiday Decorating. He also does the day-to-day managing of PDI employees.

John Rogalski, Assistant Manager

John Rogalski

John has an extensive background in customer service and management. Formerly a Franchisee of a White Hen Pantry for over nineteen years, he was responsible for all aspects of running the convenience store from ordering and receiving all inventory for his 2,400 square foot store, to managing and training of employees. As an Assistant Manager at Plantscape Designs, Inc. for over ten years, John is responsible for helping with the installations of new accounts, the training of new plant care specialists, and assisting with day-to-day operations.

Jeannine Gallo, Office Manager

Jeannine Gallo

Jeannine Gallo, employed at Plantscape Designs, Inc. for over 30 years, is responsible for customer service, sales call follow up, payroll, and plant technician scheduling. Jeannine was employed at Raytheon Corporation for eight years and attended graphic design courses resulting in a graphic design certificate. Jeannine's efforts in designing our proposals has enhanced PDI's design success with our customer's office interiors.